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The importance of leadership competences for effective communication in crisis situations

Katarina Dugalija ; Veleučilište u Virovitici
Nikolina Pleša Puljić orcid id ; Veleučilište u Virovitici
Damir Ribić orcid id

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The business crisis marks a period that is undesirable and planned, and often includes consequences for the organization. In fact, every company needs to be prepared to respond to a crisis situation whether it is an internal or external cause of the crisis. In order for this answer to be successful, the key role is played by the leader who, through healthy business communication, will be able to overcome the new problems in the company and return the company to the position it was in before the crisis. In this regard, this paper is based on a theoretical presentation of the importance of leadership competencies in communication in crisis situations, with special emphasis on communication in times of health crisis, such as the COVID-19 pandemic. The way in which crisis communication will be performed depends on the communication competencies of the leader and his previous experience. The conclusion of the paper shows how and in what way business communication can take place at different hierarchical levels of management in crisis situations and what are the communication competencies that a leader needs to have in order for communication in such a situation to be successful.

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leadership competencies, crisis situations, business communication, COVID-19

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