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Analysis of the Alibaba ecosystem business model in the context of Porter's generic strategies

Joško Lozić orcid id ; Sveučilište Sjever
Katerina Fotova Čiković orcid id ; Sveučilište Sjever
Ines Lozić ; Centar za financijska vještačenja

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Abstract: The aim - of this paper is to analyse the development of the Alibaba ecosystem business model in the context of Porter 's generic strategies.
Methodology - the paper is designed as an analysis and comparison of the revenue structure of the platform and the determination of the revenue transformation model. The research used the corporation's financial reports (Alibaba Annual Report), as well as scientific papers and other literature related to this topic.
Research results - clearly indicate the development of new revenue generation models and the diversification of business activities in the context of Porter's generic strategies. The core revenues of the platform continue to be generated from the retail sector in China, while the rest of the revenues are generated from the sale of various types of services. Revenues from retail activities are based on a low-cost strategy model, while revenues from cloud services as well as other revenues from sales of services are based on a differentiation strategy.
Conclusion - Alibaba ecosystem is developing new forms of revenue generation. The most significant revenues continue to be generated from retail sales in China, but an increasing share of revenues is generated from the sale of services. According to the cost structure, retail activity is based on "low-cost strategies", while new models of service commodification are based on differentiation strategies. By generating revenue from different models of sales of goods and commodification of services, as well as the use of different strategies in the context of Porter's generic strategies, the platform enables the "hybrid growth" model used by the most successful global platforms.

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Alibaba, platform economy, hybrid model, online retail, Porter's generic strategies

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