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Material and non-material rewarding of employees as a form of motivation

Danijela Mioković Kapetinić ; Veleučilište u Virovitici
Nikolina Pleša Puljić orcid id ; Veleučilište u Virovitici

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A motivated employee contributes to the job, recognizes mistakes, space for advancement and even participates in the improvement of products or services. In order for every company to have such an employee, it is necessary to define organizational goals and a reward system whose prerequisite is knowledge of how to motivate employees, as well as the possession of knowledge and skills in leadership. One of the most commonly used forms of employee motivation is money, but there are other intangible forms of reward that show equal or even greater efficiency. Today, many entrepreneurs and managers have become aware that motivated and satisfied employees are the key to the success of any company and they have begun to strive for this in their business environment. For this reason, this paper provides a theoretical overview of the conceptual definition of motivation and its forms through the reward system, and in conclusion, some authors offer guidelines for managers for concrete use in business through intangible motivation.

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motivation, employees, rewarding, material rewarding, non-material rewarding

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