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Venture capital funds

Damir Ribić orcid id ; Veleučilište u Virovitici
Ljiljana Krnjaić orcid id ; Veleučilište u Virovitici

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The modern economy poses numerous challenges for its subjects, especially regarding raising financial capital. The solutions for these challenges, among others, could be offered by venture capital funds. For other participants with a surplus of financial resources, venture capital funds can represent an investment opportunity and a model for portfolio diversification. Venture capital funds significantly stimulate growth and the development of entrepreneurship and by extension the economic growth of countries where they are utilised. Venture capital (VC) and Private equity (PE) funds are venture capital funds which finance many enterprises with a considerable growth potential. The practice of financing enterprises with these funds has been present in the USA for decades and is beginning to be applied on domestic enterprises. Venture capital fund financing brings a plethora of advantages for enterprises, but a couple of disadvantages too. The goal of the paper is to showcase the main characteristics of venture capital funds, i.e., VC/PE funds, specifically the investment structure and the state of the venture capital market in the Republic of Croatia.

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venture capital, investment funds, Venture capital fund, Private equity fund

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