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Communication and Cognition Theory: A Theoretical Framework for Conducting Helpful Communication in Diversified Environments in the 21st Century

Abdul Qahar Sarwari ; University of Malaya, Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences – Department of Media and Communication Studies, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

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The current work assessed different aspects, steps and conditions that help people communicate appropriately in the current globalized world deeply affected by modern technologies, such the Internet and artificial intelligence. The results reported in this manuscript are based on an analysis of eight studies in different aspects of human communication and a review of 70 papers published from 2000 to 2023. An online search using WoS and SCOPUS databases was done to record the related published works. A total of 186 items were recorded, and after excluding 116 duplicated and irrelevant items, 70 papers were selected and reviewed thoroughly. According to the results, communication initiation, self disclosure, overall well-being, positive attitudes, language proficiency, communication competence, and technical skills are among the main factors that affect interactions among individuals from different cultures. Based on the results, cognition, knowing different norms and values, and accommodation in the current diversified environments are the main aims and outcomes of daily interactions among people. The current work introduces communication initiation, disclosure, cognition, and accommodation as the four main steps, and self-knowledge, positive attitudes, self-regulation, heart coherence, cultural awareness, intercultural sensitivity, openness, purposefulness, respect differences, language proficiency, technical skills, communication competence, and effectiveness as the main conditions of effective human communication in the age of the artificial intelligence in the 21st century.

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human communication; communication theory; communication competence; cognition; artificial intelligence

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