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Comparing Two Methods for Exploring Consciousness: Descriptive Experience Sampling and Micro-Phenomenological Interviews

Julian L. Bass-Krueger orcid id ; University of Vienna, Vienna, Austria
Elisa G. Wiedemann ; Central European University, Vienna, Austria
Ema Demšar ; Monash University, Melbourne, Australia

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Methods are arising in first-person research aimed for deeper understanding of lived experience. Here we compare two of the most frequently used methods – Descriptive Experience Sampling and the micro phenomenological interview. Both look at short episodes of experience. Both have safeguards to limit biases and distortions from first-person reporting. But these methods are still different in terms of how they deal with memory, questioning, and analysis.
We report on an exploratory study that used both methods in the context of a common task. Four participants were interviewed about their experience of a mental imagery task using both methods. Descriptive Experience Sampling results focused more on fine-grained details of visual experiences. micro phenomenological interview results focused more on how experience extended over time, and how participants engaged with the task. These differences in results demonstrate how the applied methods differ in their focus and scope, and present a direction for future comparison, investigation and potential integration of first-person methods.

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empirical phenomenology; descriptive experience sampling; micro-phenomenological interviews

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