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Miscarriage and New Pregnancy – Application of the Art Therapy Protocol “Check, Change What You Need to Change and/or Keep What You Want” in Working with Trauma

Nikolina Manojlović Vračar orcid id ; HZSU

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The article describes the process of art therapy work with trauma using the
protocol “Check, Change What You Need To Change and/or Keep What You
Want” (Hass-Cohen, Findlay, Carr and Vanderlan, 2014) based on modern
neurobiological concepts. Therapy was conducted once a week for four
months in an online format with twenty-seven-year-old Maya. During the
seventh session, the topic of fear related to Maya’s current pregnancy due to
her earlier experience of miscarriage was brought up. In agreement with the
client, the regulation of fear conditioned by the traumatic experience and the
establishment of a sense of internal control were set as therapeutic goals. After
the implemented protocol, based on self-observation of behavior and evaluation
of internal conditions, the client expresses satisfaction with the therapeutic
goal achieved. Through the art therapeutic process with Maya, three steps of
recovery can be clearly distinguished, which J. L. Herman describes in her book
“Trauma and Recovery:” establishing security, remembering while grieving,
and inclusion in regular life (Herman, 1996). Various art techniques were used
in the therapy.

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: art therapy, trauma, pregnancy, abortion, fear

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