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Creation of Animation as a Method of Media Art Therapy in Working with War Trauma in Children and Teenagers

Olena Voznesenska

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Russia’s full-scale aggression became a challenge for the entire Ukrainian
society, and art therapists in particular. All segments of the population need
psychological help.
Media art therapy is the newest type of art therapy, a combination of therapy, art
and the latest information technologies. This method provides an opportunity
to find a new foothold and can pave the way to the prevention and mastery of
the collective trauma of war. The creation of clay (plasticine) animation within
the project "Moms breathe out!" by refugee children from the regions of Ukraine
where hostilities are taking place, had the purpose of overcoming the impact
of traumatic events. About 50 children and teenagers from 9 to 16 years of age
participated in the groups. Markers of psychotraumatization were observed in
children’s behavior and creativity. The script creation process was based on the
archetypal motif of “the Hero’s Path.” The children used Ukrainian and Russian
symbols to denote the heroes. Four animated films were made.
A lot of pent-up anger was observed in all groups of children. In all their stories,
the Villain was destroyed, because children felt hatred for the enemy who
destroyed their lives. Media art therapy helped children and teenagers express their feelings related
to the war in Ukraine through animation. The experience of conducting classes
proved the effectiveness of the selected format, materials (plasticine) and
therapeutic interventions. Each child was heard and transferred their traumatic experience into a symbolic form in the created animated film.
Posting animated films on the Internet helps to overcome the collective
traumatization in Ukrainian society.

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psychological trauma, media art therapy, Ukraine, social rehabilitation, communication system

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