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Role of spatial efficiency, layout planning, and sustainability in the success of shopping malls

Huda Riaz ; University of Engineering & Technology Lahore, Architectural Engineering and Design Department, Lahore, Pakistan
Norheen Amina ; The University of Lahore, Department of Technology, Lahore, Pakistan
Muhammad Arif Khan ; University of South Asia, Architectural Design Department, Lahore, Pakistan
Amna Iqbal ; Superior University, Architectural Design Department, Lahore, Pakistan
Amina Irfan ; NAVTTAC, Lahore, Pakistan
Hira Ishitaq ; NAVTTAC, Lahore, Pakistan
Sadaf Noshin ; The University of Lahore, Department of Technology, Lahore, Pakistan
Habiba Mohsin ; NAVTTAC, Lahore, Pakistan
Imran Shahbaz ; NAVTTAC, Lahore, Pakistan

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Building multi-storey shopping malls has grown to be a very lucrative industry for investors in recent years. As a result, the success of a plaza depends on a variety of elements, including its design, security, appealing façade, and amenities. This study examined the structural systems, services, and architectural designs of a few of Lahore's prosperous plazas. Food courts and hyper malls provide essential functions that boost foot traffic and have the potential to revolutionise the way that entertainment amenities raise a mall's worth. Mixed-use multi-story spaces such as those that combine offices, apartments, and retail stores can also increase the efficiency of a mall in terms of sales and attractiveness. The assessment parameters in case studies include the gross area, circulation, parking area, toilet area, services area, and vertical transportation, with average values of 33,83 %, 22,00 %, 24,30 %,1,10 %, 3,05 %, and 4,60 %, respectively. These will assist future studies to determine the minimum threshold for success, making mall planning easier and more accurate. High-quality malls have higher occupancy because they offer better quality development, facilities, sustainable techniques, and amenities to support the overall development, along with shop sizes that suit international brands. This research defines the emerging trends and provides guidelines for the future architectural planning, structural systems, and services of shopping malls in Lahore to meet sustainable development goals and attract more shoppers.

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multi-story shopping malls; architectural planning; spatial character; layout planning

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