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Enhancing Fault Identification, Classification and Location Accuracy in Transmission Lines: A Support Vector Machine Approach with Positive Sequence Analysis

Ganesh D. Shingade ; INDUS Universisty, Rancharda, Thaltej, Ahmedabad, Gujarat 382115, India *
Sweta Shah ; INDUS Universisty, Rancharda, Thaltej, Ahmedabad, Gujarat 382115, India

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This research paper presents a proposed system for fault identification, classification and location in transmission lines using a Support Vector Machine (SVM)-based technique in conjunction with a Positive Sequence Analyzer. The objective is to develop an accurate and reliable method for identifying, classifying and locating different fault types in transmission lines. The proposed system leverages the capabilities of SVMs in handling high-dimensional feature spaces and the fault signature extraction capabilities of the Positive Sequence Analyzer. Experimental evaluations are conducted to assess the performance and effectiveness of the proposed system, comparing it with existing fault identification and classification methods. The results demonstrate the superior performance and robustness of the SVM-based technique utilizing the Positive Sequence Analyzer, providing a valuable contribution to fault management and system reliability in transmission line networks.

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electrical fault detection; fault classification; fault identification; machine learning; Positive Sequence Analyzer; Support Vector Machine (SVM); transmission lines

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