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Decentralization of Organizational Structure and Management in Shipbuilding Industry

Ante Čagalj ; Brodosplit Shipyard Ltd

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str. 395-404

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Shipbuilding industry is known as a very complex business-production system. Therefore, the organizational structures of shipyards are very wide and deep, and it is very hard to manage
such complex systems. Shipyards are not able to meet the demanding challenges of the globally based shipbuilding market if, among other things, they do not apply contemporary scientifi c
achievements in the fi eld of organization and management theory. This paper deals with possible new organizational solutions relying on scientifi cally based organizational theories. It describes a
model of a networked shipyard where a reformed and signifi cantly reduced shipyard is a leader in that network. Such a model provides decentralization, fl exibility, innovativeness, in one word, democratization of the shipyard organization.

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organization; shipbuilding industry

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