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Original scientific paper

Hvar’s Campanilism – Stereotypes and Collective Nicknames on the Island of Hvar (Abstract)

Ana Perinić Lewis orcid id ; Institute for Anthropological Research, Zagreb, Croatia

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The aim of this paper is to define the term campanilism. Hvar’s campanilism was researched through micro-territorial analysis and identification on the level of neighboring island communities. On the island of Hvar there are three circles of campanilistic rivalries and relationships and it was confirmed that a place which is seen as neighboring does not exceed a distance of more than 10 kilometers. The work presents complex systems of rivalry and animosity through the creation of stereotypes, collective nicknames and their confirmation through anecdotes, jokes and sayings. Stereotypes and mocking collective nicknames for the inhabitants of some island’s villages are divided into a few dominant thematic groups and subgroups. They additionally


campanilism; island of Hvar; local communities; group identity; otherness; mocking collective nicknames

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