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Original scientific paper

Asylum Seekers as a Threat

Romana Pozniak
Duško Petrović ; University of Zagreb, Faculty of Humanities and Social SciencesCroatia

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In the past twenty years in European Union member states, as well as in other developed industrial countries, migrants, refugees and asylum seekers are mainly seen as a threat to security. The so-called “securitisation of migration” is noticeable. This is a process in which security discourses and related security techniques predominate in migration and asylum policy.
In terms of security techniques effectiveness, the strengthening of repressive security measures has been recorded. The paper analyses the repressive practices in EU member states. Porin Hotel, a shelter for asylum seekers, was used as an example in the analysis of repressive practices in Croatia.
The authors offer several explanations as to how these practises came about and link them to de-politicization processes in contemporary liberal democracies.


asylum; security; security techniques; communities of insecurity; migrations

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