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“Residents are Opposed to the Idea Often for Sentimental Reasons” – A Campaign to Change Non-National Place Names in Savska Banovina (1934-1936)

Suzana Leček orcid id ; Croatian Institute of History, Slavonski Brod, Croatia

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page 183-228

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The article explores the campaign which sought to show the integrity of official “Yugoslav nation” through changing the “non-national” (Hungarian, German and Italian) place names. It was shown that the campaign, which was imposed by the State Government, a hated dictatorship at the time, met resistance even on the part of those who were supposed to implement it (primarily Banovina administration, Statistics Bureau and municipal councils). Although there was no open display of disapproval, various forms of avoiding compliance proved to be effective enough for the campaign to stretch as long as it took for the changed political circumstances to mark its end.


national symbols; dictatorship; non-violent resistance; place names

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