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Original scientific paper

Transformer assessment using health index – Part II

Bhaba P. Das ; ABB Power Grids
Luiz Cheim ; ABB TRES North America

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page 58-64

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Health Index (HI) is a very popular asset management tool. Several methods have been used to determine the transformer HI using the popular “scoring” and “weighting” method, which are now
extended / improved using fuzzy logic, regression neural network, support vectors machine, etc. However, not much work has been documented on the sensitivity analysis of the “scoring” and
“weighting” method. This paper presents a critical review of the “scoring” and “weighting” method by performing sensitivity analysis which shows the masking of issue(s) using this approach. The
need for a risk of a failure-based approach based on non-linear scoring is discussed.


asset management, condition assessment, fault tree analysis, health index, risk of failure

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