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Where to perform the dissolved gas analysis?

Marius Grisaru

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All the readers of Transformers Magazine and attendees of Transformer Academy already realize that DGA is one of the most comprehensive tests for oil-filled electrical devices. Also, readers well understand the complexity of these tests. This aspect is emphasized by all DGA standards, guides, and ample literature and research on DGA methodology. DGA includes three major steps: sampling, measurements, and diagnosis. In this column, the focus will be on the measurement location. Maintenance staff and even transformer-responsible officers and owners face the dilemma of where to perform the routine and crucial DGA tests on their precious transformer. The alternatives for performing such tests are multiple (at least 5), and each possesses its pros and cons and may even have significant financial impact. Usually, the financial staff chooses to
send the oil analysis to the most convenient source, and maintenance engineers need to select the DGA provider by performance and timing. Those facts impose a very judicious compromise between cost, quality, and react time.
This column describes the considerations and deliberations of using inhouse or external outsourcing DGA supplier tests. Considerations of using online DGA versus offline will be described in a future column.


DGA tests outsourcing, in-house oil laboratories, knowledge conservation, quality assurance

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