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Conservation And Restoration Works On kurtin From The Collection Of Adriatic Costumes Of The Ethnographic Museum Split (Summary)

Vana Ribarović ; Etnografski muzej Split

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The robe of inventory number 630:SLT,2627 from the Collection of Adriatic Costumes procured in Žrnovnica is a typical example of a more closed kurtin characteristic of the Split folk costume of the 20th century. It was chosen for conservation and restoration due to the very poor condition in which it was. Part of the damage was caused by inadequate accommodation inside the museum storage room. The course of work and knowledge about the object that was obtained during the visual inspection, performed analyzes and the work itself are documented in detail, and after the completion of the work the object is placed in a different, more appropriate way in the museum storage.


Split folk costume, Žrnovnica, museum storage, documentation, conservation and restoration works

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