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Professional paper

Gaming Tourism

Marija Miščančuk orcid id ; Međimursko veleučilište u Čakovcu
David Strelec ; Međimursko veleučilište u Čakovcu

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With the emergence of new technologies and the development of existing technology, the world is one step closer to digitalization every day. Most of the work is done by machines and a large number of jobs are done online. Gamification or the introduction of game elements can be found in almost any field of work. Specifically, in the field of tourism, gaming, as a recent phenomenon, has been used in all aspects of its presentation, such as in museums, at exhibitions, during city tours and other. The digitization of tourism has provided many people with experiences that greatly change their views on tourism. The offer for tourists is also undergoing a transformation, which is evident by the emergence of more and more gaming hotels, cafés and other hospitality establishments. Their popularity also comes due to the great accessibility of games, since most of them are held via the Internet.


gamer, gamification, gaming, tourism

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