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Original scientific paper

The SDIPF reliability curve of old EHV power transformers

Vitaly Gurin ;
Terrence O’Hanlon ;

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page 78-82

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The further development of UHV and EHV transmission lines and the ageing of large power transformers (half of which are over 30 years old) keep the developers of specifications of new transformers working for many years to come. To help them, a historical
overview of the failures of EHV transformers in the 20th century was made in terms of modern Asset Lifecycle theory embedded in the SDIPF curve (Specify – Design – Installation - Potential failure – Failure), has been made. The main causes of accidents were shortcomings in Specify and Design.


bathtub curve, creeping discharge, EHV and UHV power transformer, failure, geomagnetic disturbances (GMD), geomagnetically induced current (GIC), GOST, harmonics, IEC, IEEE, internal insulation, safety margin, SDIPF reliability curve, ZTZ 76

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