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Ljubica Milanović Glavan orcid id ; University of Zagreb, Faculty of Economics and Business

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Today’s companies are trying to increase their performance by concentrating on the orientation of their business processes. This perspective views organizations as a combination of uniformed business processes. Identifying different levels of process orientation can help companies implement, enhance and control business processes. Several methodologies can be used to analyse the maturity status of process orientation. The maturity model shows the extent to which process orientation is accepted in the business practices of a given company. The aim of the research in this paper is to report on the maturity of process orientation in Croatian companies and to emphasize the importance of process elements. To analyse the results of the research, the cluster analysis method was used, which showed that Croatian companies are currently between a Defined and Linked phase of process orientation maturity. These research results suggest that Croatian companies need to improve all elements of process orientation in order to reach a higher degree of process maturity.


process orientation; elements of process orientation; process maturity; cluster analysis; Croatia

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