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Review article

Challenges and problems as "viruses" in priestly formation

Mile Vidić orcid id ; Theological-Catehetical Institute Mostar - University of Sarajevo: Catholic Theological Faculty, Mostar, Bosnia and Herzegovina

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This work presents two basic aspects – internal and external – of challenges and problems, as “viruses” in priestly formation. In addition to the introduction and conclusion, the first part of the paper analyzes the recognition of challenges and problems in priestly formation. In the second part, attention is paid to external challenges and problems, namely: tension between the sacred and the secular, family crisis, and society's anticlerical atmosphere. The third section deals with internal challenges and problems related to the identity crisis of priests, spiritual life, clericalism and careerism. The paper makes a critical examination of the role and service of priests in contemporary society. It reflects on the priesthood as a sociological-psychological phenomenon, but also on the supernatural character of the priesthood.


priest; challenge; formation; virus; problems

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