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Professional paper

Asphalt Carriers from Kraljevica Shipyard – Constructional and Technological Aspects

R. Grubišić

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page 137-143

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After presenting the design development of the asphalt carrier Asphalt Seminole and her sister-ships in the article published in the previous issue of Brodogradnja (No. 1/2006), in this article the structural analysis made in the design stage and some constructional and technological specifities during the building stage are presented. Special emphasis is given to the presentation of the structional connection between the hull and the cargo tanks with the description of the elastic vertical supports and of structural antipitching, antirolling and antifloating keys, and of the procedure of simultaneous hull assembling and the cargo tanks installing into it, as well as of the temporary cargo tank positioning procedure on wooden keel blocks during the building phase on the berth, and the final tank lowering procedure on the elastic vertical supports after launching.


asphalt carriers, ship construction, structural analysis:

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