Platformisation of Cultural and Audio-visual Sectors in the European Union: New Policies for New Stakeholders 


  • Jaka Primorac
  • Paško Bilić
  • Aleksandra Uzelac


cultural sector, audio-visual sector, online platforms, cultural policy, media policy, European Union


This introductory article provides contextual framing for the contributions to the special issue dedicated to the analysis of the impact of the European Union policies dealing with online platforms that are influencing cultural and audio-visual sectors. This special issue gathers interdisciplinary approaches and diverse contributions highlighting the cultural and audio-visual production within the EU policy framework. The contributions show, both, explicit and implicit influence of EU policy instruments and policy-making as well as policy implementation lag concerning cultural diversity provisions and compliance with advertising regulations on the protection of minors on online platforms. Furthermore, they signal the explicit and implicit impact of the streaming platforms on the local audiovisual production in a small-size European country, as well as local responses to them. The contributions show that there is a need not only for further policy instruments in this field but also for more thorough research in this complex field of contemporary culture.