Media Literacy of Eighth Grade Students in Zagreb


  • Lana Ciboci Edward Bernays University College, Zagreb, Croatia


Media Literacy, Media Culture, Media Education, Primary School, Children, Croatia


For quality co-existence with the media, it is essential to possess knowledge and skills on how to use, analyse, critically assess and create media content (Aufderheide 1992), i.e. media literacy skills are required. In Croatia media education takes place primarily through the first language classes, i.e. through media culture, which is one of the components of the Croatian language subject in primary school from first to eighth grade. Although media culture has been present within the Croatian language subject for many years already, to this day, no research study on media literacy of children in primary schools has been conducted. In this research, media literacy testing was conducted among 1000 eight-grade students in Zagreb. The research has shown that students possess a medium level of media literacy, with the lowest results being recorded in the field of analysis and critical evaluation as well as in the field of creation of media content.