Serbia and Kosovo Between Secession and Normalisation

Exploring Media Discourses on the Washington Agreement (2020)



media discourse, secession, Washington Agreement, Serbia and Kosovo normalization, Kosovo, Serbia


The Washington Agreement on Kosovo and Serbia economic normalisation (2020) is the subject of this enquiry, while its aim is to examine the role of news media in Serbia in the discourse on normalisation between Belgrade and Priština. The main hypothesis is that the Washington Agreement was manipulatively used for self-promotion of political elites that negotiated in Washington. The research relies on media framing and agenda-setting theories, instrumentalist approaches to secession, and Critical Discourse Studies. We conclude that the issue of Serbia and Kosovo normalisation in Serbian media is mostly framed with aim to mobilises citizens’ support for executive authorities. The media thus reproduce political hegemony within Serbian society, while pluralism is obstructed in a manner characteristic for competitive authoritarianism.