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Submission Preparation Checklist

As part of the submission process, authors are required to check off their submission's compliance with all of the following items, and submissions may be returned to authors that do not adhere to these guidelines.
  • The manuscript is not previously published nor is considered for publication elsewhere. In order to preserve the integrity of the double-blind review process please remove your manuscript from research sites such as: Research Gate,, etc. If in doubt, please contact the editors.
  • References to the identity of the author are expected to be removed (such as acknowledgments, etc.). If the author refers to her/his published work, he/she should do it in third person.
  • The contact information provided is accurate.
  • The manuscript is in a Word format and does not exceed 10 000 words for articles and research notes, or 5 000 words for book-reviews.
  • All the references used in the manuscript are listed in the bibliography and no works cited in the manuscript are listed in the bibliography.
  • URL addresses and digital object identifier (doi) numbers are provided where applicable.

Author Guidelines

Političke perspektive (Political Perspectives) is a regional academic journal that publishes articles in political science and related disciplines. The journal was established by the Faculty of Political Sciences, University of Zagreb (Croatia), the Faculty of Political Sciences, University of Belgrade (Serbia) and Serbia’s Political Science Association. The journal focuses on political research broadly conceived and we welcome the submission of relevant manuscripts from related disciplines, including law, sociology, philosophy and economics. We also encourage the submission of manuscripts that come from different parts of our discipline, different approaches and methodological orientations. The only criteria for publication are academic standards and the paper’s relevance.

Političke perspektive/Political Perspectives (PoPe) publishes research articles, review articles, research notes, rejoinders and reactions to published articles, translations in Serbian or Croatian of works relevant for the advancement of the discipline and book reviews. All manuscripts (except translations) are expected to be original work by the author(s) and not published or under consideration for publication elsewhere. Političke perspektive publishes articles in English, Croatian and Serbian. The manuscripts are subject to a standard double-blind peer-review process by relevant and competent experts in the field. Since the pool of reviewers for non-English language manuscript is inevitably small and the international reviewers are usually overbooked, the review process may take 4-6 weeks. The editor’s goal is to have a decision on a manuscript 90 days after submission. The authors will be issued a certificate of acceptance before the actual publication date, if they need one.

Research articles, review articles and research notes are peer-reviewed content and manuscripts should be prepared as Word files and submitted for review on-line via the OJS system at: If authors encounter problems with an OJS submission, they are invited to send their manuscript to Authors are asked to prepare two separate files: an anonymized manuscript (without information that could identify its author) and a file with the manuscript title, abstract, author(s) name(s), institutional affiliation(s). We ask co-authors to identify the author for contact and provide his or her contact information (postal address, e-mail address and a phone number). The contact author is responsible for the authorship of the submitted work and is expected to communicate and where appropriate, to obtain the consent of his or her co-authors for the publication of their manuscript. Authors are also expected to declare conflicts of interest.

Authors are expected to provide an abstract of up to 200 words in which they clearly identify the intellectual problem at stake, their argument, their approach, methodology and findings, as well as the implications and possible limitations of their argument. The abstract is expected to accurately reflect the content of the manuscript and to include up to 5 keywords that would be also representative of the content. It is preferable to submit the abstract both in English and in Croatian, or Serbian language.

Research article, research note, and review article manuscripts are preferably between 6 000 and 10 000 words, including notes, graphs and bibliography. Book reviews, including reviews of several books should not exceed 5000 words. Please contact the Editorial Board members before sending papers of other kinds.

Političke perspektive follows the APSA style ( for in-notes and bibliography.

In-text references should be as follows: (Dahl 1989, 45); (Geddes 1999, 134–43); (Linz 1975)

Bibiography at the end of the article should be styled by the following examples.

Journal articles: Geddes, Barbara. 1999. “What do We Know about Democratization after Twenty Years?” Annual Review of Political Science, 27 (March): 115–44.

Books: Dahl, Robert. 1989. Democracy and Its Critics. New Haven: Yale University Press.

Book chapters: Linz, Juan J. 1975. “Totalitarian and Authoritarian regimes.” In Ed. Nelson Polsby and Fred Greenstein. Handbook of Political Science. Reading, MA: Addison-Wesley.

Whenever the author is referencing to an on-line version of a book, journal article or book chapter a digital object identifier should be included at the end of the references. For other on-line sources a URL address and the date of access should be included.

All submissions would go through similarity check in the CrossRef system.

Privacy Statement

Information about authors and reviewers entered in the OJS system will be used solely for reviewing and publishing the submitted material and will be not shared with third parties.