Izravna demokracija: slijepa pjega hrvatske politologije?


  • Berto Šalaj University of Zagreb, Faculty of Political Sciences


direct democracy, referendum, citizen’s initiative, Croatian political science


The main goal of the paper is to establish to what extent and in what ways the concept of direct democracy was a topic of scientific and professional research interest within the Croatian political science. The analysis included articles published in scientific and professional political science journals in the period from 1990 to 2020. The main finding of the conducted analysis is that direct democracy was on the margins of the research interests of Croatian political science. This is particularly visible if the extent of the thematization of direct democracy is compared with the thematization of various institutions of representative democracy. Croatian political science is primarily focused on the model of representative democracy, and only sporadically deals with direct democracy. In addition, the analysis carried out shows that Croatian political scientists predominantly view direct democracy negatively and are very wary of its possible more frequent use in Croatian politics.

Author Biography

Berto Šalaj, University of Zagreb, Faculty of Political Sciences

Izvanredni profesor