Smart Tourism Triggers Tourist Minds-Do you have the mind to mind it?


  • Muxtorova Nasiba Shuxratovna Westminster International University in Tashkent
  • Prabha Kiran Westminster International University in Tashkent
  • EKIZ ERDOGAN TEAM University



Digital transformation, Smart tourism, tourism innovations, tourism experience, experiential value.


The essential aspect of Smart tourism is that it is transforming as a result of the digital revolution. The advancement of new technology has resulted in remarkable digital transformations in the tourist industry. Tourism was one of the most affected sectors during the ongoing pandemic situation. The sector is in need of drastic strategic decisions focusing on Tourist locations, complexes, goods, business experiences, and ecosystems as these are continuously evolving. This involves establishing and growing new business partnerships, business models, and capabilities in the tourist industry. The research aim is to analyse the role of smart tourism in emerging countries with a special focus on Uzbekistan and its challenges and to use a conceptual approach and focus on the travel and tourism business. Our study aims to identify the relationship between trust and Smart tourism dissemination in digital marketing through the lens of the theory of mind (ToM). ToM plays a mediating role in enhancing the image of a smart destination and consequently improves tourists’ behavioral intentions. The study findings have revealed that there exists a significant role in tourism innovations and their advantages and barriers in developing countries. 




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Shuxratovna, M. N. ., Kiran, P., & ERDOGAN, E. . (2023). Smart Tourism Triggers Tourist Minds-Do you have the mind to mind it? . Vallis Aurea, 9(1), 19–36.



Original scientific paper