Aim and scope

The mission of the 9th International Conference “Vallis Aurea: Focus on Sustainable Development and Innovation” is to foster a multidisciplinary platform where experts, researchers, and practitioners in the fields of economics, tourism, informatics, and various interdisciplinary topics can converge. Our goal is to encourage the exchange of innovative ideas, cutting-edge research, and practical solutions that drive sustainable development and innovation across these domains. We strive to integrate academic insights with real-world applications, promoting global, circular, and green economic practices, sustainable tourism, advanced informatics solutions, and cross-sectoral sustainable initiatives.


This conference is a collaborative effort by the Faculty of Tourism and Rural Development in Pozega, Croatia; the Faculty of Tourism in Brezice, Slovenia; and the Faculty of Economics in Uzhhorod, Ukraine, with the co-organization of the Croatian Academy of Science and Arts.  International Conference “Vallis Aurea: Focus on Sustainable Development and Innovation” will be a permanent platform for an interdisciplinary approach to resolving regional development and innovation issues. It covers various areas ranging from theory to practical application and continued promotion based on inventiveness and regional particularities. This international scientific conference is the first step in our interdisciplinary attempt to organise long-lasting international cooperation.

Publishing schedule: The International Conference is held every two years.

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