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Metalurgija , Vol. 63 No. 2, 2024.

  • Datum izdavanja: 01.04.2024.
  • Objavljen na Hrčku: 02.01.2024.


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Density functional theory (DFT) study on the reaction mechanism of in-situ no reduction in hydrogen rich blast furnace (str. 155-157)

J. K. Huang, X. Li, S. X. Hong, T. J. Gu, Y. B. Huang, H. R. Wang
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Prediction of oxygen consumption in steelmaking based on LAOA-TSVR (str. 165-168)

Z. C. Ma, L. Zhang, C. Y. Shi, X. Wang, Y. K. Wang, P. L. Tao, P. Sun
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Prediction of the outlet temperature of the converter dry-type dust removal evaporative cooler based on LAOA-SCN (str. 169-172)

Y. K. Wang, C. Y. Shi, Z. H. Bao
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Structure optimization of ladle rotary table mounting device (str. 173-176)

Z. Cui, H. Y. Long, R. Q. Gong, F. Y. Zhu, W. Z. Yan
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Modelling of hydrodynamic phenomena occurring in refining ladles for high-carbon Fe-Si alloys (str. 177-180)

T. Merder, S. Kozłowski, J. Pieprzyca
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Investigation of functions characterizing the flow curves of cast magnesium alloy MgAl9Zn1 (str. 181-183)

A. Dziubinska, E. Siemionek, B. Koczurkiewicz, W. Presz
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Studied on the kinetics of austenitizing phase transition of 1Cr13 steel (str. 184-186)

L. Xue, H. Y. Gao, F. D. Wang, G. L. Tan, W. Zhang
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Study on the multiple dendrite growth of Al – Si binary alloy using phase – field method (PFM) (str. 187-190)

S. H. Wang, J. H. Ji, Y. P. Lou, M. Chen, C. C. Li, X. D. Yu
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Rational extraction of arsenic from copper production waste (str. 191-193)

Kh. B. Omarov, Zh. T. Nurtai, N. U. Nurgaliyev, Y. Y. Zhatkanbayev, E. B. Zhunusova, A. K. Zhumabekova
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Fatigue strength of Al-Cu cast alloy with different pouring temperature (str. 197-200)

. Akhyar, P. T. Iswanto, V. Malau, F. V. Putra, A. Farhan
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The thermal decomposition mechanism of small particle limestone under high CO2 partial pressure (str. 201-204)

C. X. Li, Y. Zhang, Y. K. Xue, D. G. Zhao, S. H. Wang, K. X. Zhang, X. Meng, H. J. Shen
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High temperature deformation constitutive model of GGG70L duction iron (str. 205-208)

P. Huo, Y. J. He, J. F. Chen
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Effect of finishing rolling reduction on microstructures and textures of grain oriented silicon steel (str. 209-211)

Y. Y. Shao, Z. W. Jia, Q. Guo
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Effect of cryogenic and heat treatment on microstructure and mechanical properties of Al-7Si-1,5Cu-Mg (str. 219-222)

C. Yang, J. R. Zuo, Q. D. Zhang, J. J. You, A. M. Yin, X. D. Shu, B. Z. Mei, G. B. Wang
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Study on crystal structure of PbTiO3 nanowires by X-ray researches (str. 223-225)

J. B. Liu, J. Wang
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Simulation analysis of electroplating zinc based on COMSOL (str. 226-228)

Y. B. Wang, M. M. Li, H. C. Ji
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Simulation of microstructure evolution during extrusion of large depth-to-diameter ratio variable cross-section hollow shafts of 6061 aluminum alloy (str. 229-232)

Q. D. Zhang, J. R. Zuo, C. Y. Xie, X. D. Shu, C. Yang, J. J. You, Y. M. Deng
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Deformation law of aerospace thin-walled the rods with three-roll size reduction and end extrusion thickening (str. 233-236)

Y. S. Chen, X. D. Shu, Y. X. Xia, Z. X. Li, H. J. Xu, S. Zhang
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2209 duplex stainless steel high temperature plastic deformation intrinsic modeling (str. 237-240)

P. Huo, J. F. Chen, X. Li
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Lifting method to analyze pipeline deformation (str. 241-244)

D. L. Guo, C. D. Wu, C. J. Wang, Y. L. Wang, M. L. He, L. J. Zhang, H. C. Ji
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Thermodynamic effects of temperature during roasting of chromite for sodium chromate salts formation (str. 249-252)

M. J. Mvita, N. G. Zulu, B. Thethwayo, S. Makhamisa
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The weld seam detection method based on the infocrnet model (str. 253-256)

J. P. Hui, G. Y. Lian, J. S. Wu
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Study on the effect of work roll bearing fit clearance and speed on the vibration of leveling mill (str. 257-260)

X. L. Dong, J. W. Wang, Y. Q. Cai
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Melting of calcined pellets with production of high-carbon ferrochrome (str. 264-266)

Ye. Tastanov, N. Sadykov, M. Dossekenov
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Evaluation of the efficiency of the technological process for the production of building products with fillers from metallurgical slag (str. 267-270)

K. Akishev, K. Aryngazin, A. Tulegulov, M. Bayzharikova, Zh. Nurtai
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Electrothermal co-production of ferrosilicon, calcium carbide and gaseous phosphorus from the chilisay phosphorite (str. 271-274)

V. M. Shevko, R. A. Uteyeva, A. D. Badikova
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Research of the alloying additives content in high-silver solders on their susceptibility to soldering process and basic performance properties (str. 275-278)

N. Lamla, P. Kwaśniewski, G. Kiesiewicz, M. Sadzikowski, K. Franczak
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Effect of surface modification of 5KHV2S steel on the mechanism and intensity of contact wear (str. 279-282)

A. Naizabekov, I. Stepankin, E. Pozdnyakov, S. Lezhnev, D. Kuis, E. Panin
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Investigation of the effect of combined thermomechanical processing on the brass microstructure evolution and the microhardness change (str. 283-286)

A. Naizabekov, S. Lezhnev, I. Volokitina, E. Panin, A. Tolkushkin, S. Belsky, M. Pishchov
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Program activities of Croatian Metallurgical Society (CMS) for 2024 y (str. 300-300)

I. Mamuzić
Recenzija, prikaz

SHMD '2024 – Book of abstracts (str. 303-320)

I. Mamuzić (ed.)
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