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Kairos : Evangelical Journal of Theology

logo Kairos : Evangelical Journal of Theology

Kairos: Evangelical Journal of Theology is an academic journal for general evangelical issues, embracing complete thematic and disciplinary openness. It publishes works in various disciplines: biblical theology, systematic theology, applied theology, ethics, church history, church life and sociology of religion, philosophy, and psychology. The journal also publishes interdisciplinary work. Kairos is an academic journal for which papers are subject to anonymous review procedures. Texts may be published that concern relevant topics. They should be written to be interesting to readers and at a level in keeping with a standard of writing appropriate for an academic theological journal. Papers published in Kairos are included in the data bases of: Religious and Theological Abstracts (Myerstown, USA); Academic Journals Database; Central and Eastern European Online Library (CEEOL); Academic Search Ultimate (EBSCO); Academic Search Complete (EBSCO); ERIH PLUS; HRČAK - Portal of Scientific Journals of Croatia.

  • Recenzija: vanjske recenzije, podjednako tuzemna i inozemna, samo znanstveni i stručni radovi, dvostruko slijepa, dvostruka
  • Prva godina izlaženja: 2007.
  • Učestalost izlaženja: 2
  • Područja pokrivanja: Povijest, Teologija, Humanističke znanosti
  • Uključen u Hrčak: 04.01.2019.
  • Druga izdanja: Kairos
  • Prava korištenja: Kairos is an high-level open access journal, meaning that all content is immediately and freely available to anyone, anywhere and can be downloaded, printed, distributed, read, reused, self archived and remixed (including commercially) without restriction, as long as the author and the original source are properly attributed according to the Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License (CC BY). Although Kairos is an open access journal, the copyright of all material published is owned by Kairos and the authors transfer all copyrights to the publisher. Self-archiving policy: it is allowed to deposit publisher's version of the paper. Kairos does not charge article processing charges (APCs) or submission charges.