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Optimizing Marine Radar Performance in Enhancing the Safety of Navigation

Dario Matika ; MORH, Croatia
Marijan Grzan orcid id ; University of Zadar, Croatia

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This paper analyses the accuracy and reliability of radar detection of vessels. For safe navigation it is of vital importance to recognize radar limitations in real conditions when exposed to various types of interefernces. The focus of this research was on non-intentional interferences such as sea and atmospheric interference, the so-called sea and atmospheric clutters which greatly influence the accuracy and reliability of radar performance. For data processing and simulation the corresponding simulation software, Computer Aided Radar Performance Evaluation Tool-CARPET (version 2.13), was used. The article compares the results of the detection range in conditions of free space propagation (Free Space Prograpation Detection Range) and under the influence of the above mentioned clutters when interferences and oscillations of the propagation range appear and as a consequence of the so-called dazzle camouflage of ships in a noise circle where the ship sails undetected. Such research is of special importance for educating and schooling marine officers, especially deck officers, in thematic units dealing with accuracy and reliability of marine radars exposed, in this particular case, to unintentional environmental clutters.

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detection, marine radar, power, range, safe navigation, sea and atmospheric clutters

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