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Tatjana Stupin Lukašević

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The encouraging hermeneutic relationship between Kamov’s and Krleža’s texts indicates a permanently dynamic and different interpretation of the literature of two Croatian literary classics. The literary work by Janko Polić Kamov, a Croatian proto-avandardist, is recognisably reflected in a significant part of Miroslav Krleža’s literary work. At the same time, this by no means diminishes Krleža’s artistic and cultural contribution as an aesthetic towering figure of both Croatian and European literature. Krleža’s stubborn denial that Kamov’s literature strongly influenced his entire artistic genesis raises a number of ethical questions related to the personality of Miroslav Krleža. Despite the scepticism and distrust towards ultimate truths, the comparison of Kamov and Krleža focuses on the exact rehabilitation of Kamov’s literature in the Croatian and the world literary context and on a re-evaluation of Miroslav Krleža canonical works through a synchronic and diachronic reflection.In his famous lecture given to Osijek grammar school students in 1928, Krleža concealed the truth that it was Kamov before him who had written plays on the model of Ibsen and Strindberg. Krleža’s cycle of the Glembays is recognisably based on Kamov’s anthological plays. The re-evaluation of some of the canonical works by Miroslav Krleža and Janko Polić Kamov poses itself as a stimulating research imperative, pointing out the truth
that the established semantic system of the texts of both Croatian classics results in an inexhaustible semantic potential and a surprising transcoding, which confirms that literature is a unique system, indispensable in the overall humanistic formation.

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decoding; discourse; hermeneutic approach; interpretation; Janko Polić Kamov; literary-historical discourse; literature; mimesis; Miroslav Krleža; semantic; potential; structure

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