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Influence of welding quality on stability of SUS304 tube-compression by viscous pressure forming

Tiejun Gao
Hepeng Zhang
Yuyin Yang
Zhongjin Wang ; Harbin Institute of Technology

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One of the major problems affecting viscous
pressure forming (VPF) is the stability of tubecompression,
whereas the main defect influencing
the stability of welded tube-compression is the
quality of welded joints. This article utilizes the
finite element method to analyze the influence of
weld joint strength and width on stability of
SUS304 tube-compression by VPF. Meanwhile,
SUS304 welded tube-blanks with different weld
joint strength and width are obtained by plasma
welding, TIG-Tungsten Inert Gas welding, laser
welding and high frequency welding and then the
stability test by VPF is carried out. The results
showed that the weld joint strength and width
affect the stability of tube-compression. The system
and process of controlling weld joint width can
improve the stability of tube-blank preferably
relative to weld joint strength.

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tube-compression, stability, viscous pressure forming, weld joint quality

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