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An approach to the capability analysis of a multi-spindle machining centre

Valter Uran ; Tehnički Falultet Rijeka, Sveučilište u Rijeci
Duško Pavletić
Sandro Doboviček

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str. 86-97

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In many industries, there is a growing need to produce products with strict tolerances of individual product characteristics. Increasing productivity and profitability are also sought, demanding the production of more products per unit time, and at a lower cost with the available production equipment and with minimal investment. A Strong competition creates the need to improve production efficiency. One way of addressing the challenge of precise parts manufacturing is by analysing the capabilities of the production equipment. Assessing process capability using statistical modelling plays a key role in the business decision-making process in quality management. This paper presents a statistically based approach to capability analysis of a multi-spindle machining centre.

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capability analysis, multi spindle machining centre, statistical process control

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