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A new active power photovoltaic system for residential applications

Saša Sladić
David Nedeljković

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In this paper, a single-phase parallel (shunt) active power filter (APF), operating with adaptive filter capacitor voltage (AV), is used as a base for combined approach to active power filtering and to connection of additional voltage sources to AC network. Through filter capacitor voltage adaptation, improvement of switching conditions can be observed both from AC and DC side of active power filter, making this approach suitable for connection of low-voltage DC sources (30  – 100 V) to AC network. Thus, advantages are provided for application of emerging solar cells technologies (e.g. thin-film), which operate in this voltage range. Furthermore, improvement can be noticed in sense of power factor correction as the primary role of APF. In this paper, there are various connections of DC sources through an additional converter for filter capacitor voltage adaptation discussed and evaluated. Active power photovoltaic systems performances are verified by simulations and by measurements.

Ključne riječi

single-phase active power filter, boost power converter, efficiency considerations, photovoltaic systems

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