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A Source on Stjepan Radić and His "Political Turnabout" in Spring 1918

Željko Karaula orcid id ; Zavod HAZU Bjelovar

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In addition to presenting a short political biography of Stjepan Radić and his political activities during the Great War (1914 — 1918), the author of this article focuses on one particular historical source: a paragraph from the memoirs of a member of Czech “Maffia” Rudolf Giunio, a Croat from Dubrovnik, in which he wrote about a “political turnabout” of Stjepan Radić in Spring 1918 – from legitimising the Habsburg system to a supporter of unification of South Slavs. This paper examines the existing interpretation of this source by Croatian and Yugoslav historiography so far. The author argues that Croatian historian Bogdan Krizman had often used Giunio's memoirs since 1950s by retelling or summarizing its contents, sometimes without fully acknowledging it as historical source. For this reason, the author publishes this paragraph of Giunio's memoirs in full at the end of this paper. The original manuscript of Giunio's memoirs are kept in National and University Library in Zagreb.

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Stjepan Radić, Rudolf Giunio, Croatian people's peasant party, Habsburg Monarchy, Croat-Serb Coalition, Memoirs, First World War, Unification of South Slavs

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