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About Derivatives in the Poetry and Prose of Don Mihovil Pavlinović

Gordana Laco orcid id ; Filozofski fakultet, Split, Hrvatska
Sanja Vulić ; Fakultet hrvatskih studija, Zagreb, Hrvatska

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After reviewing the most important works dealing with Pavlinović's word formatin, the
article analyzes the formatively motivated words in the book Pjesme i besjede by Mihovil
Pavlinović. Years 1860-72. The selected Pavlinović's book offers a simultaneous insight
into his poetic and prose texts. In this work, he also included his poem Ognjišar (which
was independently printed in Zadar in 1865). Based on Pavlinović's selected and analyzed
suffixal, prefixal, and prefixal-suffixal derivations and pure compounds and words created
by complex-suffix derivation, it has been concluded that this author carefully thought about
his linguistic solutions, trying to use the formative possibilities of the Croatian language,
i.e. the openness of the Croatian word formation, while also relying on the Croatian literary
linguistic tradition.

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Mihovil Pavlinović; word formation; prose; poetry

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