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Where to perform the dissolved gas analysis? - Part II

Marius Grisaru

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In the first part of the column, we presented the advantages of performing DGA analysis in an in-house laboratory. However, nowadays, most of the DGA and insulating tests are performed in an outsourced external laboratory, usually in another country and even continent.
Despite the advantages presented in the first part, according to the majority of organizations around the world, outsourcing the major insulating oil tests is a better decision for the industry. Some important reasons for this shift from inhouse to outsourcing will be presented.
Part 3, to be published in the next TM issue, will offer a couple of guidelines on selecting the best oil lab for processing your oil samples from the aspect of a user. Regarding the laboratories, some suggestions on how to attract more users will be provided. Hint: the price is not
everything. Online and portable devices are today a popular choice for a DGA test, but as one of the pillar veterans of the industry stated in a private discussion, “acquiring any online device may, in reality, cause an increase in offline DGA tests”. At the time, he said that portable multi-gas devices had not yet existed. After many years of experience, I understood that he was correct, although some online device companies tried to convince users that online devices would reduce the frequency of DGA in laboratories. In many aspects, portable devices possess
more characteristics of online devices than that lab devices.

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