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DPRS transformer - Dynamic pressure resistant system - Part I

Woo Hyun Park
Jin Woo Lee
Sang Hoon Chung

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str. 102-108

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In general, a transformer is designed and manufactured to operate under normal conditions. However, unexpected fault events occur due to various reasons in real-life substations. When such events do occur, an electric arc inside a transformer vaporizes the insulating oil, leading to a generation of very high expansion pressure. Once this pressure exceeds the designed threshold, the tank is then compromised, and oil starts to leak, becoming a potential cause of fire or explosion.
DPRS (Dynamic Pressure Resistant System) transformer has been developed to cope with such unexpected events. In general, a PRD (Pressure Relief Device) is installed on a transformer to stabilize the pressure inside the tank.
However, it requires a certain amount of time for this device to operate. DPRS transformer is designed to withstand the immediate pressure increase without severely damaging the tank (severe enough to cause an oil leak) until the PRD starts operating. Although not as much as to cause a leak, the tank will still be deformed as a result of the pressure increase. Then, insulating oil expanded by the arc is emitted safely through a designated path as the PRD starts to operate. DPRS transformer does not require additional equipment to prevent damage to the tank and is
also capable of preventing fire while maintaining a similar configuration to common transformers. Due to these merits, the global demand for DPRS transformers is steadily increasing. In this article, the DPRS transformer tank design procedure and tank deformation prediction technology are presented. Additionally, a brief introduction to the explosion-proof performance verification test is addressed.

Ključne riječi

arc explosion, pressure behaviour, dynamic analysis, explosion-proof test

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