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Arduino robot for diagnosis and therapy of autism in children

Katarina Cvitić ; Veleučilište u Rijeci
Vesna Krajči ; Veleučilište u Rijeci

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The paper presents an Arduino project of building a smaller robot with the ability to play songs, walk and dance, which can be used primarily in early diagnostics and therapy of autism spectrum disorders of preschool children in order to improve the results of their rehabilitation. Important characteristics of that robot are its low price, interesting appearance to attract children's attention, easy programming of new tasks and the possibility of recording children's reactions. Hardware (Arduino Uno microcontroller, HC-SR04 ultrasonic sensor, SG90 servo motor, sound signal button, touch button, OV7670 camera) selection, robot building and programming are described in detail. The robot was tested at the Center for Autism Rijeka on eleven children, and their reactions to the robot were examined including verbal communication, sound sensitivity and fear of unknown things. With the help of an expert, it was concluded that the children's reactions during testing were in accordance with already diagnosed level of autistic disorder development and that continuous work with this robot could contribute to earlier diagnosis and better rehabilitation of children with autism spectrum disorders.

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robot, autism spectrum disorder, Arduino project

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