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Analysis and perspectives of sports development in Novi Marof

Filip Štaba ; Sveučilište u Zagrebu
Dario Škegro ; Sveučilište u Zagrebu

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The aim of this paper was to analyze the sports system in the city of Novi Marof and to gain insight into the quantitative indicators that are a prerequisite for any further strategic planning. Also, the paper presents some examples of strategic management of sports systems at the local community level community. Most local communities in the Republic of Croatia use significant financial resources to establish a high-quality and efficient sports system. The strategic approach implies the analysis of the state of all sports segments important for the further functioning of the system and the definition of goals that need to be achieved in a certain period. The sports system in Novi Marof was analyzed in several segments important for further sports development. The current indicators of the state of sports in Novi Marof have been determined in different segments, such as competitive sports, school sports, infrastructure, and finances. The paper concluded that the state of sports in the city of Novi Marof is satisfactory regarding the variety of sports offered, activism, and the social role of sports. The situation could be better in terms of sports infrastructure and finances. Also, one of the areas for improving the sports system is the adoption of a strategic document that refers only to this segment of society, even though the sport is partially mentioned in other strategic documents.

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Strategic management, National sports program, infrastructure, analysis, finance, plan

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