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Antonia Tomaš orcid id ; Sveučilište u Mostaru
Davorka Topić Stipić orcid id ; Sveučilište u Mostaru

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Today, we encounter the term “convergence” in various contexts, so it is defined as a process by which things are brought closer to each other or as a process of combining, permeating and joint functioning of certain media and channels. Convergence in itself corresponds completely to the term, but also to the practical application of public relations. Public relations are processes of communication of an organization with its internal and external public to accomplish mutual understanding, build social responsibility, and realize common interests. They aim to establish and develop relations while striving for two-way symmetry. The key aspect of public relations is accomplished by the integration of channels of communication. Therefore, the convergence of media becomes an indispensable part of integrated communication. Since public relations use channels of communication to communicate daily with their target audiences in choosing strategies and tactics of communication, the practitioners of public relations will always go from an integrated approach to converging communication channels and ensuring a symmetrical transfer of a message. In terms of communication management, the tactics, strategies, and approaches of public relations depend largely on the medium of communication. As such, the convergence of traditional and new media has brought a drastic change to public relations. Public relations, as a dynamic profession, should be the leader in the use of digital skills, and convergence as a “digital creative platform” becomes an opportunity that also gives answers to the challenges of digital transformations of integrated communication.

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public relations; convergence; integrated communications

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