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Croatian Traditional Techniques as Art Therapy Protocols: Drywall as Expression of Therapeutic Themes of Boundaries, Protection, Defence and Privacy

Mia Janković Shentser orcid id ; HZSU

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Multicultural art therapy respects and accepts the specifics of a particular culture in a narrow and broader context (Comas-Diaz, 2104, as cited by Corsini
and Wedding). Specifics of culture and tradition often reveal mentality and
collective societal issues. Considering the peculiarities of Croatian tradition,
specialists in art therapy were set to take the elements of Croatian culture and
tradition and incorporate them into clinical practice. The idea was to research
these traditional processes as art therapy protocols and, as such, to be better
understood and better applicable in the cultural context of Croatia.
In this article, three different populations are introduced to the material and
technique of drywall while the therapeutic effect of this technique is investigated.
Working with each population separately has its specifications, but the technique and the material were universally accepted. Holocaust survivors, women in transition age who recently immigrated to Israel, and adults with psychiatric disturbances; each of these populations brought significant insights and
very similar results.
The non-directive approach in groups and individually resulted in spontaneous expression of the themes of boundaries, protection, defense, and privacy,
and the experience of the process – a meditative and contemplative work.
Technique naturally resonated therapeutically, spontaneously leading to different directions of working through the issues, and easily used in symbolic as well as
animated narrative, in representative artworks, as well as meditative processes.
We can very well see the possibilities of applying this technique in therapy,
which we hope to witness in the future.

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art therapy, multicultural theory, Croatian tradition, drywall, psychiatric population, functional adults, Holocaust survivors

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