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Research note: Understanding green hotel selection in the real-world situation through a decision-making theory: a case of Thailand

Aswin Sangpikul ; Associate Professor, Faculty of Tourism and Hospitality Dhurakij Pundit University Bangkok, Thailand
Piyavit Thipbharos ; Assistant Professor, International College Dhurakij Pundit University Bangkok, Thailand

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Purpose – Most green hotel studies are dominated by quantitative approaches, which are
limited in their ability to understand the complexity of consumers’ choice of green hotel.
This research note employs a qualitative method to examine the entire consumers’ decisionmaking process in regard to green hotel selection.
Methodology/Design/Approach – This study utilises an interview approach, using the fivestage consumer decision-making model as a framework. Data is analysed through content
and thematic analysis.
Findings – In the real world, respondents are motivated to travel by their personal needs rather
than the attractiveness of a green hotel. To plan for traveling and hotel selection (including
a green hotel), they usually search for hotel information from various sources, and it is not
necessary for them to choose a green hotel, depending on their personal reasons. Before
making a purchase decision, the respondents will compare and evaluate several factors in
order to choose a hotel (including green and non-green hotels) which mostly matches their
preference and budget. Their decision may be either self-decision or joint decision which may
be influenced by other people. In the post-purchase stage, the respondents would evaluate
overall hotel services with their expectations, and are likely to revisit a hotel which meets
their expectations, rather than concerning environmental obligation. These findings are the
reflections from consumers’ actual decision-making process which may challenge the selection
of a green hotel, particularly the process of comparison and evaluation of hotel choices.
Originality of the research – This is a first study that provides a different perspective on
consumers’ choice of an eco-friendly hotel based on the real-life situation using Thailand
as a case study.

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green hotel; environmental-friendly hotel; consumers’ decision-making process; Thailand

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