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Croatian Journal of Philosophy , Vol. 17 No. 50, 2017.

  • Publication date: 05.09.2017.
  • Published on HRČAK: 06.03.2018.

Table of contents

Full text

Introduction (page 107-110)

Dunja Jutronić, Nenad Miščević

Loaded Words and Expressive Words: Assessing Two Semantic Frameworks for Slurs (page 111-130)

Robin Jeshion
Original scientific paper

Precis of the Theoretical Part of A Word Which Bears a Sword (page 131-144)

Nenad Miščević
Original scientific paper

Pejoratives and Testimonial Injustice: Precis (page 145-154)

Julija Perhat
Original scientific paper

Social Identity, Indexicality, and the Appropriation of Slurs (page 155-180)

Katherine Ritchie
Original scientific paper

Let’s Not Worry about the Reclamation Worry (page 181-194)

Bianca Cepollaro
Original scientific paper

The Myth of Embodied Metaphor (page 195-210)

Nikola Kompa
Original scientific paper

Baseless Knowledge (page 211-232)

Guido Melchior
Original scientific paper

Timothy Hinton (ed.), The Original Position (page 272-285)

Dorijan Žunić
Case report

Amy Kind and Peter Kung (eds.), Knowledge Through Imagination (page 285-290)

Nenad Miščević
Case report

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