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  • Publication date: 07.12.2011.
  • Published on HRČAK: 05.01.2012.

Table of contents

Full text

Low-Temperature Ship Operations (page 349-365)

Ivan Gospić, Ivanka Boras, Zoran Mravak
Original scientific paper

Simulation of Smoke Motion in Fire of the Ship Engine Room with Multilayer Structure (page 366-372)

Liang Wang, Shichuan Su
Original scientific paper

ANFIS Based Model for Ship Speed Prediction (page 373-382)

Marko Valčić, Radovan Antonić, Vinko Tomas
Preliminary communication

Techno-Economical Optimization for River Nile Container Ships (page 383-395)

G.M. Younis, M.M. Gaafary, H. El-Kilani, M.M. Moustafa
Professional paper

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