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Satisfaction with Studies and Self-assesment of Social Work Students’ Professional Competences in Mostar and Zagreb

Zdravka Leutar orcid id ; Study of Social Work, Zagreb, Croatia; Study of Social Work, Mostar Bosnia and Herzegovina
Marija Žilić ; Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences, Mostar, Bosnia and Herzegovina; Study of Social Work, Zagreb, Croatia

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The aim of this paper was to determine the level of satisfaction with the studies and self assessment of competence of students in the (final) semester of graduate social work program in Mostar and Zagreb. The study included 72 participants, 31 students of the Department of Social Work, Faculty of Law in Zagreb and 41 students of the Social Work Studies at the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences in Mostar. Satisfaction with Studies Scale (Boras, 2011) and Acquisition of Key Competences for Social Work Scale (Huić, Ricijaš, Branica, 2010) were used for data gathering. The study results showed no statistically significant differences in the satisfaction with the studies between these two groups of students. Students estimate satisfaction with the studies above average while the level of acquired competences is estimated as average. Furthermore, there is a significant correlation between satisfaction with studies and the variable first option when enrolling studies. Students for whom social work was the first option when enrolling show higher level of satisfaction with the studies. As expected, students who are more satisfied with the studies also estimate the level of acquired competences to be higher.


education of social workers; competences and satisfaction with the studies

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