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Original scientific paper

On the Ludic Curse in the Humorous Discourse of Internet Genres

Željko Predojević orcid id ; Katedra slovanských filológií Filozofická fakulta, Univerzita Komenského v Bratislave

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The paper discusses the ironic use of the genre of the curse in the humorous discourse of internet genres. In the collective memory, the genre of the curse is a verbal magic genre that implies uttering evil words inflicting harm on someone, and in the humorous discourse of internet genres, curses are applied to some unexpected experience, thus creating an ironic opposition to what the genre of the curse assumes and its role in weblore. In addition to ironizing the genre of the curse, its atypical role of creating a humorous effect in the discourse of internet genres is also pointed out. Such humorous versions of the genre of curses in weblore are referred to as ludic curses. Ludic curses are uttered only in jest, but they retain the remnants of the belief in the power of words manifested by immanent formulations of curses, and above all the phrase dabogada (May God), which evokes the desire to harm someone, but they are applied in a humorous context which creates an incongruous situation and therefore a humorous effect. The research focuses on Instagram and Facebook user profiles of the webpage Mudrolije sa Twittera.


curses, ludic curses, humor, weblore, social networks, internet genres, tweets, shared stories

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