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Original scientific paper

Simple ageless methods for field testing power transformers of no-load condition at the low induced voltage

Vitaly Gurin

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The low voltage supply to one transformer winding and measurement of voltage, current, and losses in different phases when other windings are open have long been used to assess the condition
of the core and windings during commissioning, during periodic preventive maintenance (operational tests), during diagnostics, tests after an accident and after repair. These simple procedures
are performed offline and are often critical in determining the health of the transformer and, in some cases, locating the fault in the transformer.
These methods do not lose their importance in the 21st century. The article historically describes the practices of India, IEEE, and GOST, which differ from each other. For the convenience of technicians, numerous examples are given.


distribution transformer, excitation current test, GOST, IEEE, IEEMA, magnetic balance test, no-load loss at reduced voltage test, power transformer

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